13 May 2013

Holidays 2013 - part two

After much thinking it was decided that it would be too complex going to Croatia this year.
Since the last addition will only be 2 months old at the end of August, half asked to keep it easy.

So the search moved to Tuscany, as it is close to family and where I grew up. There are the pine woods close to the sea there assuring decent temperature in the hot afternoons, and plenty to do in case of bad weather.
We chose to get a bungalow in a camping, made sure it had a swimming pool for kids and toys in the shadow to fill in the lazy after lunch.
That and the flight are booked, now only need to book the car rental.

And dream until we can get there, here in the cold and rainy days...

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  1. SarĂ  per l'anno prossimo allora la Croazia!!! e speriamo che il tempo migliori qui in Italia...attualmente non credo sia molto peggio che in Olanda...